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BMW 7-Series

The BMW 7 Series shows an understanding of modern premium quality. Technical innovations and detail quality are just as indispensable as the emotional shaping language and the feel-good atmosphere in the interior. During the design process the term 'Technological Poetry' was used - the feeling of the perfect interplay between advanced technology and its implementation in design.

Mercedes S-Klasse

The shapes of the S-Class combine stylish sovereignty with sporty elegance. The exciting lines provide the vehicle stability and dynamism. Size, aesthetics and comfort, combined to a feel-good ambience of the extra class. This is only available in the S-Class.

Audi A8

Excellent comfort, consequent lightweight construction and a timeless design make the Audi A8 L an innovator in the luxury segment. In this case, the driver's comfort is achieved by providing outstanding comfort for the rear passengers - for example with the optional seat backrest with electrically foldable footrest or the rear seat entertainment, which is perfectly integrated into the vehicle. The wide range of useful assistance systems and the Audi Matrix LED headlights underline the leadership requirements of the A8 L.

Porsche Panamera

A true sports car with the comfort of a luxury limousine that does not compromise in everyday life. For sporty riders - and their sporty passengers. For this, Porsche's engineers and designers have built the next Panamera. With the courage of a new generation.