Your Limousine service in munich

Arrive without noticing it! That's our EMLIMOUSINES slogan in limousineservice in munich since more than 20 years. A ride, where you enjoy more relaxation than in any conventional service. Let yourself be convinced by the unique service and our unlimited performance. We are glad to welcome you.


Chauffeur - Service

You'd like to enjoy the opera on Saturday evening and maybe some glasses of wine? No problem, enjoy your evening without thinking about the ride back. Your EM LIMOUSINES Chauffeur will be expecting you with your limousine right in front of the door.

Everyday activities

You want to have a chauffeur, whom you can give your keys for bringing you important files or the forgotten smartphone? You will call EM LIMOUSINES, promise !

business trip in Limousine

You must catch the first flight on Monday morning. The journey to the airport should be sweetened with a nap? Again, the solution is simple : EM LIMOUSINES - thanks to our adjustable seats in the back, you will be able to sleep on the way.


Rüdesheimer Str. 5

80686 München


Telefon: +49 (0)89 9014 9084

Mobil: +49 (0)151 6846 3779

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